Mandala 41 with Rhododendron


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mandala 41

Here is the metamorphosis of my collage.

landscape redo

I added some layers of paper and paint and was getting happy about it.

mandala 41 in progress1

I’m not super happy with what happened with the Dr. Ph. Marten’s watercolors, but I’m enjoying the collage. What I have learned from my other attempts is that I need the background to be more monochromatic for the mandala to show up clearly. So I added some white with leaves as a mask.

mandala 41 in progress collage

This is something I quite enjoy so I created my mandala on tissue paper.

mandala 41 in progress on tissue

I played with different colors on the paper and shading on the tissue paper. I am very happy with the result. Putting them together is always tricky.

mandala 41

I developed some tears in the mandala and I had been thinking about adding some flowers to cover the watercolor blobs, too. So I played around with making different paper flowers. A few rejects ended up in my art journal. I was happy with how my rhododendrons turned out so I put them together. I’m not thrilled with the final product, but I’m really happy with my learning curve and I’m going to put it on Esty and FineArtAmerica. So feel free to buy it or a print of it!

Thank you Cee for your flower photography reference!

I hope you have a beautiful day.


Thursday Doors on Friday: Back to Rhode Island


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Yesterday I had a cavity filled and trips to the dentist are major migraine triggers for me. Also, last week it was cool enough to sleep under the down comforter and this  week we are pining for our window air conditioners. My computer is a desktop and it is located in the upstairs room that is becoming my studio. The heat is also a migraine trigger for me so I’ve been either packed in ice in bed or in a camping chair in the basement to make it through the day. In any case I wanted to give you a peak at the Breakers, one of the Newport, RI mansions we visited on our trip there.


This is the gate to the house. Pretty fancy. Here is the description from the Newport Mansions Preservation Society.

The Breakers is the grandest of Newport’s summer “cottages” and a symbol of the Vanderbilt family’s social and financial preeminence in turn of the century America.

While I love the doors and textures and interesting architectural features, I have to say that this one kind of bothered me. The Buddhist teacher Atisha said, “Always meditate on whatever provokes resentment.” I wasn’t sure it was resentment I was feeling, but to have doorknobs like these kind of seems like such conspicuous consumerism that I feel a little bit nauseated. On the other hand, its pretty.

pretty doorknob

The door itself is so lovely, too. Next week when the air conditioner is in and I’m feeling physically and emotionally better I will post the loveliness that is The Breakers, but for more beautiful door photographs without the emotional baggage see Norm 2.0.

I hope you have a temperate and beautiful day.

Diva Challenge 316


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The Diva challenged us to use stripes as our string. Usually I kind of do stripes, but they are all circles. It was interesting to do some straight ones. I love the tangle pattern Punzel and started with that. I tried to alternate straight lines with curves and added a little drama here and there.


If you want to see more Zentangle® fun check out the Diva’s blog.



Back to Gratitude and Paint


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I have been working on layers in my art journal and have been so busy with Zentangle® classes and art, but here is the page layout of the buildup to the CZT27 and planning our trip to Connecticut and Rhode Island.CZT in April

I included my first Zentangle® tile from the seminar and my dinner coupon for the first evening. The meals at the Providence Biltmore were fabulous. They were awesome in their skill in accommodating gluten free and special dietary needs. There were quite a few of us at the seminar and I got some good tips on that too! They made some gluten free brownies that everyone loved!

You can also see some random flowers I drew/painted on scraps of paper. They turned out pretty well. I’m still playing with cutting painted paper and using layers in my art. I feel like things are coming together, so to speak.

Zentangle practice in May

The background of all of these pages were from my Lenten painting marathon. They have been great fun to work on. I should probably get back to them so I can continue to have art journaling backgrounds ready! I played with more layers and tried out new pens and tangle patterns during and after the seminar on these pages. I’m also working on a mandala that I’m going to submit to a show out here and I’m a little nervous. This is a different market from Wisconsin! I’m learning about combining inks and acrylic paints and pens and gel pens with interesting, and sometimes smeary, results. The daffodils are from a napkin from a pot luck dinner I participated in at MUF (Morristown Unitarian Fellowship).

There is also a quote from The Buddha Walks Into a Bar by Lodro Rinzler.

“One way to think of this dignity is to equate when you are on the path with unraveling a ball of yarn. You have wound your sense of self so tightly that it’s hard to be anything other than you, a big ball of yarn. That’s just who you are, not string, or threads, but a ball of yarn.”

The thing about living with daily migraines is it has helped me see the threads in myself, not just the ball of yarn. Don’t know if that will mean anything to you, but it gets me through a lot of my days.

Oh! And I have Zentangle® classes scheduled to teach! And my professional art website is getting going! Check it all out here!

I hope you have a beautiful day.


Narragansett, RI: Thursday Doors and WWC


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Here are my doors from Narragansett. They are to share in Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors Challenge.

Narragansett tower door visitor center

Narragansett tower door

These are the doors to the towers. The first picture is the entry to the visitor’s center for the town.

Narragansett door

Most of the houses in Narragansett range from multi-million dollar mansions to little bungalows that look like they’ve been here for a while. This old house  was about a block from the Crazy Burger Restaurant and I really loved it. The house was abandoned a while ago and this has to be some valuable real estate and here was an overgrown mystery.

Our hotel in Narragansett was right across from the beach. I’m almost reluctant to share, because it was such a wonderful little gem. But here it is.

beach and rocks and motel

Here is the path to the beach.

path to the beach

beach and rocks at dusk

I got the beach in a few different kinds of light. I was looking forward to our sunrises, but they were so foggy and dark and not photogenic. It was lovely in the evening.

I love the variation in textures and colors. This was the view from our bed. Not too much traffic this time of year, so it was lovely.

beach view from our bed

The path to the beach and this bridge to Newport are my entries to Cee’s Which Way Challenge. The fog was present more of the day than I expected. I’m learning the ways of the Atlantic Ocean. It has been beautiful where ever we have seen it.

I hope you have a beautiful day.

Narragansett, RI


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I’m in love. With Narragansett, RI. I’m sure I’m saying this about somewhere after each trip we have taken to some new corner of the East Coast, but this place really resonated with me. And it had a fantastic restaurant with lots of gluten free options! We went there for 2 meals in the 2 days we were in town! We loved the Anchor Hotel, right across the street from the shore – I have some photos of that which will be included in my Thursday Doors post.

Narragansett crazy burger

A lovely shoreline.

A seagull (or gulls) who insisted on posing for photos in the atmospheric setting and on the hilarious sign (with edits) Click on photo above to read the sign. I thought Cee would like this sign and the benches.

Narragansett Foggy Shore seagull (2)

It is funny how my blogging friends come with my on vacation now, even when I don’t go online. I’m saving some door photos for Thursday Norm.

The most distinctive thing about Narragansett was the tower!

I hope you enjoyed your virtual vacation.

Diva Challenge 315 and another Mother’s Day Card


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The Diva challenged us to use Molygon, which is a tangle I don’t really love. I have been wanting to try Drawings and I thought they would go together, but then it got too busy after I added some Fescue, Msst, and Well. I wasn’t happy with how this tile turned out, but I liked Drawings and Molygon together enough to put them on my mother’s day card for my mother. I tried to keep the Molygons larger and that seemed to help.

mothers day

I hope you have some time this week to share some love with your mother or a mother you know and love. To see other Zentangle® Art check out the Diva’s blog.  Have a beautiful day!


Arting from Acrylics to Zentangle


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Got a start on my Mother’s Day Cards.

a quick note

Added some Derwent Inktense to the Zentangle® Inspired Art. Not sure if its done yet.

After this I was really itching to do some collage. I’m going to do another painting redo. I got too busy to show you how my last one turned out.

The original painting from a class I took was a sunset winter landscape in shades of blue and orange/yellow – not really my style, but nice enough. I did some collage on top and then added a tissue paper mandala and did some embellishing and here it is. It is getting toward what I want. I learned a little about doing detailed drawing on tissue paper and then putting it on a colorful background – it gets totally muddled. In any case I’m counting it as mandala #40.

mandala 40

So here is the first step of my next try. I have a landscape that I started, but it didn’t go quite right.

landscape redo

So now I’m off to collage over this. I hope you have a beautiful day!

Certified Zentangle® Teacher Seminar #27


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So here is the story of the wonderful seminar I attended last week. We checked in to the Providence Biltmore on Sunday afternoon and had time to display any artwork we brought and check out the Zentangle® store. In the evening we had our first session and it was a basic introduction to the Zentangle® method of drawing. We completed this tile.

tile 1

A tile is the name for these specially made 3.5″ paper squares that are made of high quality watercolor paper. They make it really easy to work with the Pigma Micron pens, graphite and tortillion to create beautiful designs. This tile teaches some of the basic concepts of the Zentangle® method and 4 tangle patterns. The patterns all have whimsical names and these are called Crescent Moon, Florz, Printemps, and Hollibaugh. I will be teaching this class at the Morristown and Morris Township Public Library on Tuesday, June 13th and would love to see you there!

One of the fun things we did was to place all of our tiles into a mosaic so we could see the variety of all our interpretations of the instructions. This is part of the Zentangle® method. It represents the 93 people who attended the seminar.

No automatic alt text available.

On Monday morning we did another tile and learned more about practicing the Zentangle® method and some new patterns. This set up the stage for how we proceeded until Wednesday afternoon. Here are the rest of the tiles in the order they were created.

As you can see not all the tiles are the same size, shape, or color of paper. There are 3 different kinds of paper, but they are all good quality paper. We got to play with the range of products that the Zentangle® store has to offer. We also got to play with a variety of pens and graphite. They also offer some fun small tiles, called Bijou tiles, and triangle tiles called 3Zs. They allow you to make even quicker little bits of art or to play with components of different patterns to see how they can work together. All in all there was a lot to learn and a lot of classes that I hope to teach! I’ll keep you updated as I have things scheduled.

Here are my mosaics of my tiles from the whole thing. It was a lot of art and I wasn’t able to finish it all during the seminar. There are actually 2 that I haven’t finished yet, but here they are.

other shapes mosaic

main mosaic

I hope you make or find something beautiful today!