Flower of the Day: Rose Buds


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rose bud nybg

I hope you enjoy this rose from the New York Botanical Garden. Tomorrow I’m off on a new adventure and won’t have access to my computer until next Monday. I hope you have a beautiful week. In the meantime, get lots of flower photos from Cee’s Flower of the Day posts.

Diva Challenge 321: Draw with your Left Hand


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I used to try to be ambidextrous, but I haven’t worked on it lately. I’m pretty rusty, but after a bit my strait lines got better. I drew the initial circle with my right hand (actually traced around a container). Curved lines are more challenging and the smaller circles turned out a little wonky. The Diva gave us a great challenge.


For more results from the challenge check out the Diva’s blog.


Flower of the Day: NYBG Water Lilies


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Here are a few more flowers from the New York Botanical Garden.

water lily with conservatory reflection

The conservatory building looks lovely in the reflection with the clouds. Such a beautiful place!

I loved capturing interesting sky reflections with the lilies. If you want to see more flower photos please check out Cee’s Photography Blog.

Have a beautiful day.

New York Botanical Garden: Freaky Flowers


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These were all in the tropical part of the conservatory. I don’t know what they are called, but the yellow with the white feathery things and the red  with the yellow feathers look related. I think the other 2 kind of look related except for the purple and white things on the red and white trumpetish flowers.

Just another day of pictures from the New York Botanical garden. For more familiar flowers check out Cee’s blog.

NYBG Rose Garden: Pink Roses


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There are too many beauties to just post one a day so here is a selection of pink roses from the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden. I love the variation in color and structure of the roses. The fragrance differed from rose to rose and the overall fragrance was so lovely.

NYBG Rose Garden Peggy Rockeffeller Info

Here is the view upon entering the garden.

NYBG Rose Garden overview

For more flower photos check out Cee’s Flower of the Day post.

I hope you have a beautiful day.

Flower of the Day: NYBG Lavender Rose


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lavendar rose

Purple and green are my favorite color combination and when combined in a flower it is perfection to me. We had some lavender roses that we planted at our house in Utah. I loved them and this one from the New York Botanical Garden is such a lovely specimen. For more flower photographs check out Cee’s Flower of the Day. I hope you have a beautiful day.