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What colors can do

This phrase* is from a book about Dale Chihuly and the quote is on the green page. I need to figure out a better way of getting my images into wordpress. The colors and the details are not great. My scanner is too small to scan the open book. If you have any suggestion, please let me know.

Some friends and I went to a local art museum and I was so inspired by Chihuly’s work. I am thrilled that the more I surround my self with creativity the more inspiration I find.

*”So, on the train, I made all these colors. Of course, in six days I could only make a few thousand colors and that didn’t even approach all the situations possible. Until you do that, until you start mixing all those colors, you don’t know what colors can do.” Dale Chihuly


The book that I am currently using for my journal is a book about seeing and I am really enjoying incorporating some of the text and visual images (tee-hee). I also have to comment on the leaves that are in this layout. The maple leaves are from a tree from my good friend and neighbor. She and I had a lovely walk and I picked the leaves as a memento of the walk. Later that afternoon when my teenaged son got home he gave me the oblong leaves from a tree he walks past on his way home from school. Words cannot express my gratitude for his thoughtfulness. I hope the image will suffice.


My first visit to the Paine Museum in Oshkosh. We also ate lunch at a fabulous restaurant on the river. It was nice to spend time with these friends in a different setting than our usual. I also got a beautiful Chihuly calendar so we can enjoy his art all of next year.


There is a kiddo who comes to my Mommy and Me art class who I am falling in love with. She gave me this drawing. We were using the crayons as a watercolor resist. Even at age 4 her love of art shines. I hope she never looses it.


Parent teacher conferences and my son is just awesome. I wonder if he will read this?


So many wonderful vegetables from our farm. I am making shepherd’s pie for the second time this month. I can put so many veggies in it and we all love it. I am painting all the paperwork from my former profession to use in my collages. It is already therapeutic.