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Call for Artists

I have been getting upcycled art pieces ready for a juried show in Madison and it inspired me to use my Thanksgiving book to finish out the year. So each week I am using one page. Here is the page for the week ending today. It has been one of visual and audio arts. It has been super cold (the weather outside has been frightful!) and the kitchen has been so delightful. This year I have been making more cookies than I have in quite a while. Also, I am so happy with the collage pieces that I have finished at the kitchen table. You can see some of them in this collage.

I have also been working with the Director of our local Seippel Arts Center for a Gratitude Retreat we will hold in February. Marq and Mike have been singing and playing so much lovely music.

december week 1

This is a week’s worth of gratitude journaling.

Here is my page from the first week in December. I really enjoyed the process of layering the handwritten journal entries. It made it easier to just write what was on my mind without having to think about editing or illustrating.

One of my favorite traditions that we have in our family is Game Day. The Friday after Thanksgiving we invite friends and family over for vegetarian chili and fun. We play board games, cards, and electronic games. Friends bring new games to share and this year we encountered Jungle Speed – SO Much Fun! It was such a wonderful day.

game day journal