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At least we didn't die

The title for this post is a line in a quote from Buddha that cracks me up. Some days it is the act of working in a gratitude journal and the knowledge that I need to count some blessings for each day that is what I am grateful for. This first journal page is a combination of an inspired page that came out of who knows where and a page wherein I counted my blessings in green ink. The inspired page came as a result of my reading the book Push Paper that you can find in my GoodReads widget on the side bar. I LOVE this book. It is so beautiful and inspiring! and look what I put together as my simple homage to all the talented artists featured in the book.

at least we didnt die

I guess I could have called this post the power of paper. That brings me back to the Buddha quote. I have put this in past journals as well. I collect so many quotes and poems and I love to include them. I have actually gotten a little bit away from that as I have been exploring different art media, but I hope you enjoy this combination of a new technique and a favorite quote.

push paper and yoga

Yoga and gesso. Need I say more? The facing page is quite a contrast to that simplicity. More of the power of paper!

Speaking of the power of paper, or more accurately the alternatives to paper. I wanted to thank all of you who have paid attention to my blog. I just recently exceeded 1,000 total views and 100 followers. This started off as a conversation with mostly myself and a friend of mine and I have greatly appreciated the community I have discovered!