20 Years

Wednesday was the 20th anniversary of the day my husband and I were married. You may notice that he appears frequently in my gratitude journal this week. That is no coincidence. I am so grateful for the life we have shared together. He has been such a support and joy through so many adventures. I look forward to the next 20 years with him. Can you tell by his expression how cold it was outside?

portable pedicure machine

These flowers were practice for the collage I have been working on. I finished it this week and I’m looking to have prints made. This will be the first time I’m having prints made of something with 3 dimensional components so it has posed some new challenges. I plan to include a photo or other image of the finished product in my gratitude journal because it has been such a rewarding project.

candy land

I have been playing with game components in creating my anniversary gift to my husband. It has been so much fun to play and I look forward to including opportunities to play as much as I can in my life. What have you played lately?