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Zentangle challenge Charlie

I did my Zentangle challenge #157 right in my gratitude journal yesterday and I’m really happy with how it turned out. Check out the Diva atiamthedivaczt

I’m trying to play with my Crayola watercolors everyday this week to push myself a little with this medium. I’m quite happy how this came out. Part of the inspiration for this came from the book Zentangle Untangled, that I am adding to my reference and recommendations area. Today I did play with my watercolors, but then I really went to town with the Washi tape. My mantra for this year is Contentment, just as I am, I already have everything I need. So the question is, will I resist the lure of more Washi tape? Stay tuned…

I have been teaching a lot. Last Saturday was a collage workshop and here is my sample collage. The next page is from Monday’s Gratitude Workshop. We played with matte medium and photos. One of the participants got some Tombow pens and let us all play with them – one of the perks of the workshop!

collage class grandeur

radium girls

My son and his friends did such a great job with this play. It is so serious and they really demonstrated some maturity with their performances. This miscellaneous page was part of the collage demonstration. The meatloaf picture is from a vintage magazine advertisement that one of the participants decided to use in her fabulous collage. I have another collage workshop on March 22 – we will incorporate photocopies of photographs on transparencies that we will then paint. So much fun and creativity – I am so blessed.