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Birds Returning

This week I have really been focusing (when possible) on expanding my lettering styles and drawing in general. I am specifically working on drawing birds. I had been looking for a stamp of a robin and not finding quite what I was looking for. I thought – I should just dedicate this same amount of time to drawing birds and I won’t need a stamp AND I will have drawn a lot of different birds, too. I love spring. The poem, the birds, the fresh air and pasty white legs. The fonts that I copied for these pages were Gigi and Harrington.

birds in march 1

Friday was a day without focus. I had my eyes dilated for an eye exam (that went really well) so I had a very restful day. I drew this picture of my dilated eye at a later date. The Zentangled flower on the facing page is from my traveling tangle kit. It was completed in waiting rooms, specifically at the orthodontist while waiting to see if the young man could get his braces off. Not quite yet.

birds in march

I bought this beautiful bird tissue paper at the Horicon Marsh visitors’ center. This is one of my favorite places in Wisconsin. If you love birds like my family and I do this is such a treasure. My mom and I stopped by to see what we could see. Unfortunately the birds and I needed our down coats. It was too cold for exploration, but I had a nice time with my mom. Then I used one of the birds from the tissue paper for my model for the bird on the next page.