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Family and Friends

Friday I met some new friends of mine at a local coffee shop and we walked from there to the house of one of them. It has been so lovely getting to know them. Spring is coming and it is wonderful to be able to get outside and walk. The air was still a bit nippy, but the company and coffee kept me warm. My nephew and his wife and son came over for dinner on Saturday. My mom joined us. It was a lovely day with simple food and flowers and good company. My son was so great playing with the little guy so the grown-ups could talk. Here is a sketch I did from a photo of the little guy. He was playing piano but here it looks like he is smelling the flowers.

spring yoga

“Spring” is a sketch I did for a card I made for one of my new friends. She is in my yoga class and we have taken to going out for coffee after class. This was an award for her for cleaning up after her 3 dogs now that all the winter snow has exposed an entire winter’s worth of poo. If you look closely you can see that the letter R has a foot stepping in something. This amused my son and I for hours.
fellowship coffe mike and eli


You may have noticed that I am really grateful for coffee. It is more that I am grateful for the social aspect and the sense of community. However, I really do enjoy a good cup of coffee. My husband is also ubiquitous in my journal. I am so fortunate to have him in my life.

robin and workshop

My robin is a little off, but overall I feel pretty good with my increasing sketching. I am also feeling more comfortable with using the Inktense pencils. I’m not entirely happy with the orange of his breast, but I feel like I’m getting better at undertones. I guess I will need to keep practicing! Yeah!