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Rixty Meow

This is my response to the Weekly Diva Challenge #163. I had some reservations about doing and then about posting the challenge this week and let me tell you about them. The tangle pattern was designed for the 60th birthday of Rick, one of the creators of Zentangle. http://www.zentangle.com/
I was having a hard time figuring out how to incorporate the pattern into a larger design so I browsed some of the other challenge participants’ entries. Katherine http://doodle-patterns.com/rixty-exploration/ showed the steps in a different way and that really clicked for me. Then I saw the design by Sue http://suejacobs.blogspot.com/2014/04/rixty-garden.html and that got me thinking about a pattern that Rixty could “grow” out of. Lady Kate’s tile http://katetangles.blogspot.com/2014/04/weekly-challenge-163.html really made me fall in love with Rixty. I think this is why I am becoming addicted to the weekly challenge. Many weeks I start out feeling a little reluctant or stuck with the challenge, but am so inspired to get creative and explore the creativity that is channeled by the Diva.


Part of the reason I was reluctant to post this to the Diva’s challenge is that the tangles are a rather small part of the overall journal entry. I like to use boxes as a metaphor for days when I am doing a lot of organizing. I really enjoy organizing stuff and this vehicle provides such a wonderful canvas for so many things I am grateful for. Foremost is the Diva challenge – hence the post. I also selected much of the color scheme based on 2 onion skins that I used in central boxes. The texture was kind of lost with the matte medium, but the rich color comes through. I also included some Zenspiration doodles from a new book by Joanne Fink http://www.zenspirations.com/
I think the Meow speaks for itself.
Have a beautiful day.