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Connections & Community

The photo on the left hand page was featured last Wednesday on the Broken Light Blog http://brokenlightcollective.wordpress.com/2014/04/16/signs-of-spring/ This blog provides a community for people who are living with or otherwise affected by mental illness. I’m not sure if I have explicitly mentioned that part of the impetus behind my gratitude journal is my choice to flourish while managing depression.

The facing page is full of love and joy. Some of the text that didn’t fit on my scanner says that I love to color and that I love to do yoga with Helen. My Thursday mornings usually are wonderful and full of movement, coffee or tea, and friendship. Thursday afternoon was spent drawing and coloring flowers. What a beautiful day!


For me these pictures are worth a thousand words. If you have any questions about the meanings of any images I would love to know what they are. I’m never sure if I’m providing enough information or if anyone is interested or if you just like to look at what strange compilation of stuff I will come up with this week!


Ok, so trying out black gesso on Easter may seem a little odd. This was not the image I had in mind, but now I know that Inktense watercolor pencils don’t really show up on black gesso. Of course my gel pens do! 🙂 In the course of making a flower arrangement for Easter these petals fell out so I pressed them and they impressed me with how gorgeous they look on the black gesso. Playing with art supplies is fun and unexpected. Have a beautiful day.