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Art Frenzy and Yoga

The image on the left page is similar to the collage that I submitted to http://www.clothpaperscissors.com/media/p/35706.aspx for a reader challenge. The Zentangled skull in my last post is one of the components of the collage and I linked to the magazine in the comments section. You can see the progress through the week as I worked on different components of the collage. I also created a birthday card for a friend of mine and used my journal for sketching. The right hand page of this first photo is snippets of leftovers from a collage I am making of a trip our family took to New Orleans in March 2013. Can you see the alligator in the center of the page? I’m a little behind on getting it assembled, but am very happy with how it is coming together. I also have an image from some of the Chinese medicine from my acupuncture doctor. Acupuncture is such a freaky and effective thing and I am so grateful that it works so well for my migraines! Without the acupuncture I would never have been able to do this much art in a week. Of course the yoga helps, too. I take classes 2 days a week and am sometimes surprised with how strong and flexible I am becoming.

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