Duo Tangle Diva Challenge 167

Well, I’m done with this for now (a little tangled humor). I have never tangled punzel. It looks kind of creepy to me and my rendition did not improve it in my mind. I’m really curious to see what other people come up with for this challenge. I actually was inspired by Maria’s rendering http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs023/1101168872594/archive/1108276063239.html of punzel, but am not so happy with my many accidents that came of it. I am really trying to participate in the challenging challenges rather than picking and choosing the fun ones. I have been intrigued by the idea of monotangles, but have not yet tried one. This duo tangle came at just the right time. As I was playing with the layout of well I found some interesting links between the two tangles, but was not quite able to get them to create the effect I was hoping for. I stopped coloring in and didn’t do any shading because it was not getting closer to what I was hoping for. Now that I’m done I will see what everyone else did. Maybe I will be inspired to tweak this one or do a second tile. As always I am grateful to the Diva who is celebrating the anniversary of her birth today.

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