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Flower Study

I am working on a meditation collage that will include different colors of flowers to represent different attributes. This week I have spent a lot of time and thought on this collage. I have been using it during my acupuncture sessions to help pass the time more comfortably. Flowers are a favorite subject of my art (you may have noticed) and I have another collage in mind as well. I will post photos of them when they are completed. One of the ideas of the collage is to find the healing thoughts that you need at the present moment. In this first layout I explored different markers, colored pencils, watercolors, cut paper and embroidered paper to see how they support different ideas.

choose to be optimistic

The colored paper circles turned out very interesting. My plan at this point it to have a layer of drawn and painted flowers and layers of cut paper and photographs, too. I’m playing with the idea of photo transfers and I don’t want to use any layers of acetate in this collage. I want it to be a different kind of reflective material.  I got a gorgeous 12×12 flower stencil from http://www.thecraftersworkshop.com/The_Crafters_Workshop/Home.html

heart like a wheel

Playing with the new stencil and with the Sakura Gel Pens and Pelikan watercolors I just got. Whenever I sell some art or teach a class I invest the money into new art supplies. So new art supplies represent layers of gratitude.

fvtc graduation

I’m really not happy with how the right hand page came out, but that lets me know that I’m trying new things. The right hand page on the layout below exceeded my expectations. On days that I have acupuncture I generally sew something into my journal as my metaphor for that healing process. Here I have sewn in a flower. I was going to use flowers from fabrics in my collage, but I have too many other ideas and I think I would rather just embroider the paper. Here is also my original color mixing sketch, too!

color meditation sketch