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beads of light

Here is a quote from the Diva’s website:
“For those of you who don’t know, Beads of Courage is an Arts in Medicine program that supports children and their families who are dealing with Life threatening or Chronic illnesses.”
Please check out her website to see the courage she and her little boy have demonstrated. While you are there you can also see the beautiful interpretations other artists have made of her weekly challenge. I am beginning to feel like I’m part of a community with the Diva and the other artists and it breaks my heart to read about what her little boy has been through.
In his honor I have done my first Zentangle on black paper. I have done a picture of beads of light and healing for Artoo. Lately have been doing loving kindness (Metta) meditations for my daily meditations. I will hold Artoo, and all the little ones with chronic medical challenges in my heart and breathe in that they may be well. And breathe out that they may be happy.
I am grateful I would not have to add a bead of courage of my own today.