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Blue Iris etc.

Here is my continuing fascination with representing flowers. I took some time to draw an iris and then I copied it onto watercolor paper. Then I had some fun with other paper. I was listening to Jack Kornfield’s book The Inner Art of Mediation. Yesterday I was reading Anne Lamott’s book Help, Thanks, Wow and I led a book group at my church on gratitude. I have a lot of enthusiasm for gratitude. It was a wonderful time.

I am currently listening to a presentation by Lea Waters. She reports on the benefits “25% of a person’s life satisfaction is predicted by gratitude.” When I tell people that my migraine has not gone away in more than 3 years they are astounded. Pain does not preclude happiness. Not to say that I am grateful for the migraine, mind you. Gratitude has made my life better and the evidence suggests that it might help you, too.

madi graduates

Yeah! I figured out how to get my pictures in bigger! I painted some strawberries the other day. I really believe that the composition and color theory exercises in the book Art Journal Freedom by Dina Wakley have improved my pages. My niece graduated from high school and we had a fabulous family gathering.