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The Seekers: Family Memories

When I was a kid for quite a few years we lived on a farm in the Kettle Moraine State Park region of Wisconsin. One of my very vivid memories of that part of my life was when we found some red, yellow and blue paint and painted the inside of the hayloft for our clubhouse. My sisters and brother and I called ourselves the Seekers and put our painted hand prints on the wall. So…. when our father came looking for the expensive outdoor paint he had purchased to paint our swing set and the oil drum we played on he had clear evidence of our guilt. However, for years that word and our hand prints remained on the wall. We all have had diverse adventures of mind and body since then and my brother died before his adventures had barely begun. What a testament to our parents and our own imaginations that this was what we called ourselves.

The prompt from Kelly’s 30 day challenge was family. The challenge from the Diva was a duo tangle of Auraknot & mooka. This page started as an attempt to use crayola crayons and watercolor for a resist as my tangle. Tangling with crayons is difficult. It didn’t really turn out, so I may try to finish another one this week. The color scheme and it being the day after fathers’ day made me think of our clubhouse so the page took a turn down memory lane.


So now I’m doing a little catching up on the challenge and on my gratitude journaling posts. Last week Kelly alerted me to the reappearance of the Zendala challenge


Here is my sketch where I try to figure out how to choose tangles for the spaces. It took me a while and maybe I will finish my larger one that I printed on hot press watercolor paper. I have wanted to participate in this challenge for a while. Maybe this week. The words behind the sketch are from some paperwork I helped my nephew complete. He is adopting his wife’s son. What better way to prepare for father’s day. I am so proud of the young man he is becoming.

fathers day 2014