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Kente Cloth Kufis and Music Clinic

Yesterday was the first day of Art Camp. I am teaching the kiddos how to make hats out of paper bags using scissors and tape. I also have a selection of Anansi the Spider stories to read to them as they create. I love to listen to stories when I am working on my art and the campers do too. Especially if I ask if it may be too scary for them. I love to play with different kinds of tape and so do the children. The teenaged helpers do too! We talk about Ghana and Kente cloth and make patterns using masking tape and electrical tape. One of the student’s father wears a kufi and he was able to share that with his friends.

Kelly’s challenge for yesterday (day #23!) was to use my favorite color. Have you noticed that I like purple? The challenge for Sunday (day 22) was to use an image that is meaningful to me. The butterfly/moth really is my mascot. If you have read my about page you will know that Lunanista is part moth. The change that looks like the end of the world to the caterpillar is really quite transformative. The change may be painful, but it can be survived and something beautiful may come out of the process.
http://whimsyandzen.blogspot.com/ check out all the creativity that has come from the challenge.

Also on Sunday, we dropped our young man off at Music Clinic. He will stay in the university dormitories and have jam sessions night and day. His idea of heaven. And I can get the house a little bit cleaner and know that the groceries I buy will be in the refrigerator when I go to make supper! Do you think he misses me yet? I know I have been thinking of him quite a lot.