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Challenge Completion

This first page layout is from Saturday of the yoga retreat. Kelly’s 30-day challenge prompt was sunshine and that was so appropriate for this day. You can see the beautiful view from the yoga studio and some of the fun we enjoyed together. It was a beautiful day full of sunshine and yoga and laughter.

yoga retreat Friday

This second page layout is actually from Friday. Kelly didn’t have a prompt for that day of the challenge and that worked out well for me. I was using sharpies and masking tape as our simple supplies for the gratitude workshop that I taught during the retreat and I used this page as an example. I included some of the materials from the retreat and did a little gratuitous doodling.

yoga retreat Sun and home

This post includes Kelly’s prompt from yesterday, woven and some images/ideas from the retreat. The facing page is from today. The challenge was to complete the Diva’s  challenge.


I really did not like doing this particular challenge even though I liked the idea. In Zentangle you use guidelines called strings and the idea here was to superimpose one string over another. I decided to use one that I could try grid tangles because I tend to avoid them for the most part. That might be why I didn’t really like this. Anyway. I also had acupuncture today, a delightful dinner with my son, and he pointed out a lovely rainbow that was integrated into the sunset. For those things and so many more, I am grateful.