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Well it looks like WordPress is celebrating my one year anniversary of blogging with some changes to how I make a new post. How fitting since the theme for my post is taking risks. Lets hope this turns out ok! be brave   So here is me being brave. I tried to paint a watercolor picture of my fat cat. It actually looks pretty good in this photo! He is sitting at my breakfast nook table with me and there was a vase of red tulips in the background. I was worn out after painting him, so I just did my bright yellow walls and teal chair. There isn’t really a window on that wall, but I was writing quotes into another journal and this one just screamed out that I use my new window die cut and include it on the page. The facing page is just lots of fun with layers representing a really fun day I had with my husband.   yoga tea sarah mike So the 4th of July in the USA is generally a loud and generally bad environment for a person who always has a migraine. We chose to spend a lovely quiet day with my sister. We grilled bratwursts and ate beans, potato salad, and watermelon. Then we went for a really lovely walk. My teenage son was disappointed that we didn’t go see fireworks, but I think that going to Boston on Friday will make him forget all about it. 🙂 Something new and challenging that I have been doing is being a co-chair for one of the exhibits for our local art association. Last Monday and Tuesday were art drop off dates and I used some of the time to work on an illustrated quote. I have 4 pieces that really fit well with the theme of “Let’s Reminisce.” The one that I just finished is this collage I did on top of a print I made from a watercolor that I did many years ago. I am really pleased with how it turned out. Prints of two of my pieces are available at

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