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You may have noticed that I like flowers. So, I was very happy when I saw that our local art association was having the annual secret garden tour a day and time that I could go. And the weather was fabulous! This year I had a different approach to the tour. I have been studying the freaky shapes that flowers come in and this tour provided me with some spectacular photos. I will be using them as inspiration for my art in the upcoming days. Here is a taste of things to come.


I had started the day off with acupuncture and unfortunately had another panic attack while hanging out with >30 needles in me so I thought I should get back to work on my color meditation collage. It is a collage I have been working on that imbues plants and flowers with different beneficial healing properties. It is based on a biofeedback audio recording that I have that has been extremely helpful during unpleasant physical occasions, such as acupuncture. For example, the grasses are imbued with calming energy so I imagine breathing in the sight and smell of grass accompanied by calm. It sounds strange, but it really works. Anyway, the secret garden tour provided me with lots of crazy flower shapes to use in the collage.

Today my gratitude journal page is based on going for a wonderful swim and having a relaxed summer day with my husband and cats. The picture book that I’m using for my journal is a fun canvas for summer. Namaste