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This is a sketch for a Zentangle Inspired Art(ZIA) piece that I’m working on, but it kind of makes an interesting landscape on its own. I am almost done with the piece and I will include some kind of copy of it in my journal in the next week. I have been working on it off and on all week and I’m pleased with the result. Stop back to see how it turned out.

I’m continuing to play with different methods of journaling on my pages and I’m really loving this super loopy writing inspired by Dina Wakley. It makes my gratitude for air conditioning look beautiful.

I enjoy listening to audio books while I do some kinds of art, particularly some of my larger ZIA pieces. I have been listening to The Broom of the System by David Foster Wallace. It has been interesting to draw flowers while listening to the twists and turns of the tale. At some points it made me laugh out loud and at other points I just let the story wash over me. It inspired my title. I fall more into the camp of flowers and cats than David Foster Wallace on the existential crisis spectrum. However, in my youth I struggled greatly with these big ideas of purpose and place in the universe. I have a great love for language and philosophy that permeate this book.



And some days include skulls mixed in with the hearts and flowers.