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diva challenge 178

The Diva is back and her challenge for Zentanglers this week is to use tangle patterns that begin with the same letters as your initials. As you can see, my initials are JC and I used the patterns Jingles and Capell in a simple arrangement.  To see other interpretations of this challenge or learn about an interesting artist check out the Diva’s blog.

This page in my gratitude journal covers yesterday and today. I have been joyfully working my way through Joanne Sharpe’s book The Art of Whimsical Lettering and here are some of the results. You will see many more in days to come. This combines so many things I enjoy creating and I am having fun illustrating some of my favorite quotes. I have a pain monitoring journal that I have started to use as a repository of inspirational quotes. That helps me remember why I am keeping track of my pain levels and I am so happy to say that my levels are going down, down, down. I am so grateful for acupuncture and a new medication combination and metta meditation and yoga and my most wonderful husband. Amen.