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This is the text of a forgiveness meditation by Jack Kornfield and it is so excellent. One of the things I’m working on to reduce my migraine intensity is how I relate to anger and difficult emotions. Metta meditation has been helpful, but this really is excellent. Jack addresses the need to forgive the pain and suffering I have caused others and myself as well as the pain and suffering others have caused me. The text is written over a few variations of stencils that my friend Sarah loaned me as part of the book “Stencil Me In” by Marthe Le Van. The stencils in the book are fabulous. The skulls from last week are from this book as are the poppies, below.


This was a busy day. We got another organic fruit share – blueberries! Much easier to freeze than cherries. I made a couple dozen muffins for family and the camping trip. Mike and I were ushers for our community theater’s production of the Wizard of Oz. I couldn’t resist using the poppy stencil for this one! We really are fortunate to have such an active arts community here in our small town.

Mike and I have not been camping in ages so we did a trial run before our trip out East next week. There were a few things we had forgotten, but overall it was a lovely little trip. He is still the fire master! We saw an owl and some beautiful views of the Mississippi River on our morning hike. When we got home the kitties were very happy to see me and followed me around all evening. I wonder how they will do next week?


I’m playing with different sized photos in my posts. Let me know what size you prefer.