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I have been out in the world having adventures and have gotten way behind on posting! Please forgive me. Before we left for our adventures I was going to post a few pages but our internet access was unavailable. I had been listening to more Jack Kornfield meditations and the line that really resonated with me is “What would you have to let go of to be at peace right now?”

  peace right now

Here is the page for another gratitude workshop. I have started to make up a stencil and some coordinating papers or other related items to give out at each workshop as a door prize. I’m having fun with it. Next month’s workshop will be using back to school supplies in fun and creative ways with some school supplies as door prizes.

make art everyday

Here is the Thursday before the trip (see the “balance effort and ease” as our yoga class intention) and it included a lot of packing and other preparations. As in the yoga intention, I have to be careful to balance effort and ease with travel and travel preparation so as not to exacerbate my migraines. Having Joanne Sharpe’s Whimsical Letting book provided some lovely moments of ease. I also included the first day of our trip on this page. We started listening to the audiobook of Bill Bryson’s Walk in the Woods. What a great way to start our adventure!

packing and setting out

I did sporadic journaling on the trip and I have a lot of components that I need to bring together. I hope to update you on the trip soon!

Today I will let go of too many things on my to do list so that I can find peace. I will make time for meditation after putting a load of laundry in the washer. How can you find peace today?