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does a bear sleep in this woods

This is my watercolor painting of our campsite. I believe we shared the woods with a black bear that had been seen in the area. We were sleeping in a lean to rather than a tent and I was feeling a little vulnerable. To say that I was sleeping may not be quite accurate. Clearly I survived. I am using a book that I finished reading on the trip as my watercolor paper. The pages have a very nice texture. This journal page also records my wonderful time in Woodstock, Vermont eating, talking, and browsing in art galleries while my husband hiked on the Appalachian Trail.

But back to the beginning of our trip…

farmers market with fred

We drove to Detroit to see Mike’s parents and his brother’s family. We ate well and had fun at the farmer’s market, the park, Culver’s, and playing at Paw Clawson’s house. We had a nice chance to catch up.

ben and jerrys tour

This page actually represents 2 days. We ended up spending a LOT more time driving on the 401 from Windsor, Ontario to Montreal, Quebec than we expected. Thus our time in Canada was not quite the leisurely experience we were hoping for. However, we saw some glorious architecture and sculptures in Montreal. Then we left for our campground in Vermont. The idea was to get there with plenty of time to set up our tent and explore our surroundings. Instead we had some adventures. And by adventures I mean we sat in our car being silly while waiting to cross the border from Canada back into the US. We had to cut out all unnecessary stops before heading to the State Park so we had dinner at the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory after the tour. I love my husband and this trip reminded me how well suited we are for each other.

five week ensembles

And here I am finishing off this portion of the trip with Wednesday, August 13th. Yes, I am quite a bit behind in my journaling, but I will get caught up eventually. So, that particular Wednesday started up with packing up our campsite just before it started to rain. Then we went to our favorite place in Woodstock, VT – the Mountain Creamery for a spectacular breakfast. I took a few more pictures of this picturesque town and we hit the road for Boston, MA. I was so happy to see my son again. His performance was fabulous. We saw so many talented young people! Then we slept in a hotel that I’m 99.9% sure was completely bear-free. Sweet dreams.