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Sometimes synthesis happens in collage and it is such a fabulous feeling. This collage of the Freedom Trail in Boston has some moments of synthesis. If I may take a moment to point out my absolute favorite and one that is kind of sick and twisted but it tickles something happy in my brain.

1. See the guy with the backpack walking up the freedom trail into what looks like a tunnel into the Steeple of the North Church? That is my husband skipping up a hill after hours of walking. The section of the trail he is on is 180 degrees from the Old North Church. The “doorway” is a fabulous architectural detail from a Baptist Temple that did not seem to have any (tourist materials-reported) relevance to the freedom trail, but it was soooo gorgeous that I had to include it.

2. The Beantown Pub was such a spectacular find and it led us to this most magnificent Walgreens where you can buy B&M Brown Bread in a can. They served this bread from a can at this fabulous restaurant with baked beans. I have created a quirky trinity of images juxtaposing the sculpture for the Irish Famine with the Walgreens with the fabulous architecture and the Pub. What a city.

freedom trail synthesis freedom trail synthesis1

The last 2 pictures are included in the lower right hand corner because this 2 page spread was from my birthday and we stopped in Swampscott, MA at this unprepossessing restaurant for a spectacular view and meal. It was such a lovely ending for the day.

baby ellie and salem ma bostons emeral necklace with steve heck
These pictures are in Boston and environs. They were meaningful for my family and I, but probably not super interesting. However, there aren’t a lot of photos of me in here, but my son took a nice picture of me kissing my husband so here I am. And here I am with my husband, and with my son, and behind a baby.

the road homewhere our cats and beds are

It took us 2 days to drive through all of these states, but we were safe and my husband loves to drive. Getting back to cats and beds and mail is so nice after a long trip. This was no exception.

birthday card from mom  dayanaras drawing harry potter marathon with ashley

A last blast for summer vacation was a Harry Potter movie marathon. This is the end of my sixth gratitude journal. Part of the reason I am still behind in journaling is that I’m having a hard time selecting a book for #7. I want the texture of chapter book pages, but not the commitment of 300 pages. I have been saying 3 things a day on facebook that I’m grateful for, so now I just have to do the artwork.