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Wow! I really had a lot of journaling to catch up on. It has been fun for me. Thanks for waiting and I hope this is fun for you, too.


This two page layout is from yesterday and today. I’m not going to be really careful to be chronological, but I think it will make as much sense as it ever does.

I love food. This is the best time of year for eating and I really do savor my food. If you have been following me for any length of time you may have noticed a lot of tomatoes and other foods make frequent appearances in my gratitude journal. Part of this is that I am so grateful for the plenty that I have access to. Another part is that I love my farmers. I belong to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm. My farmers provide me with the best tomatoes ever. Seriously. I have included parts of our newsletter in past posts, too because they have great recipes. Not only do our farmers provide us with superb, fresh, organic vegetables, but they coordinate with a local bakery so we get fresh bread when we pick up our veggies. Awesome, right? AND, they coordinate with organic fruit growers in our region (and sometimes a little farther away) and we get organic fruit that we pick up about once a month at the same place. So, when I talk about savoring food I’m not just talking about those brief moments when my mouth is bursting with pleasure. I feel so good about what I eat. Although I do have to admit that I am not a vegetarian anymore. Do you want to know why? Bacon. It is the gateway meat. The most perfect food on earth is the bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich that I make here in my kitchen. I make yummy sounds when I eat it. It is just that good. So, I also buy sustainably raised beef and Amish chicken. However, for the bacon it must be Oscar Mayer. I have tried to substitute others and I know that I shouldn’t, but I CAN NOT RESIST. I only buy about 2 packages a year. That may contribute to the savoring. But I need to stop writing about bacon. NOW.

The fabric landscape was inspired by an episode of Sewing with Nancy. She is our local celebrity and I just finished reading her autobiography.


I believe I need to stop into the store to get some more subdued cotton fabrics to make more visually pleasing fabric collages. The techniques in this video are so fun and easy. Now that I’m caught up I may dig into this in more detail. It really supports the multimedia landscape ideas I have percolating in my head.


These four pages were initially done in a book called “Garden Open Today” that has beautiful drawings. It is a lovely little book, but it turned out to be too fragile to make into an altered art journal. That is part of the reason for the delay in posting. Anyway the two pages on the right are inspired by a quilt and are some variations on the layout and color scheme. The two pages on the left include some architectural details from photos from my Boston trip. I have been having so much fun playing with them that I’m going to continue. Note: heirloom tomatoes.

journal0002 journal0003

The Garden Open Today book would have been such a perfect fit with this time of year. Here I incorporated the title page that I have embellished. Notice my little watercolor of little vegetables. And the holy Peach Cobbler. How do you like the image of the iPad mini out on the balcony to announce to the masses how to travel in comfort all narrated by the lovely Siri (who I have altered to become Mr. Darcy – not that I am seriously all that hung up on Mr. Darcy, but I so love the book and character.) Is this my longest post ever?