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beginning anew

Beginning Anew “During flower watering, the speaker acknowledges the wholesome, wonderful qualities of the others.” Thich Nhat Hanh

monochromatic family gathering

So here are some photographs from a wonderful family gathering. I think they have enough color even in a monochromatic arrangement. Some of my favorite people.


Here are a couple of posts from a painting frenzy that I had a few days ago. Wow did i have fun with acrylics! You may have noticed a hint of plum on the right hand page, ha! We got 10 pounds of plums from our organic fruit share last Thursday so I spent QUITE a bit of time making plum bread and plum butter. Definitely worth the work!

The image below is also in my Events page. It illustrates the technique of layering papers and mediums and using colored pencils and a variety of pens on top to create different effects. I will be demonstrating this in my October workshop at our local art center.october workshop page