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art and a fall concert

This past week has been really busy with lots of walking and lots of art. Some of the walking was just for entertainment with friends and some was to raise money and awareness for people who have to walk to get to their food and water – the CROP walk. In any case, it has been lovely autumn days to walk through cool clear air and crisp leaves. My acupuncture doctor is back from her walkabout in China and I am feeling so good. I have had a few days where my migraine has been down to a 2 – I have to stop and ask is it there? And then I notice flickers of pain, but I am free to move through my days with joy and energy. What a wonderful feeling!crop walk

I have finished the illustrations for my coloring pages. I am really happy with how they have turned out. I already sold one set and have decided that I’m only going to sell 2 more. I have really struggled with the idea of selling my art so inexpensively, but I also enjoy giving art away, so you can see my struggle.

My husband has been working so hard on a play with our community theater and I was able to see the fruits of his labors. I laughed and I cried. I’m so proud of him and he looked so cute on stage, too. What a wonderful week. I hope you find time to notice all the good things in your life, too. Namaste.

leaving iowa