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kirigami and jeanette winterson

Did some kirigami while Marq and his girlfriend watched movies. I read Read “Why be Happy when you can be Normal by Jeanette Winterson. This quote to me means want what you have and love who you are. That is something I am always working towards. Interesting book overall.

the book thief and art

This page became an interesting series of layers as I tried a new adhesive. I used PVA on my first layer and the top of it dried really tacky. I played around with different transparent or translucent layers to cover the stickiness without losing the color and text of the initial layer. I think it turned out quite interesting. For top layers I used Washi tape, tissue paper, and a transparency with a color copy of a Zendala I made a while ago. And there are my cats holding paws in the corner.

watching orphan black

This page has a quote from Pema Chodron’s book The Places That Scare You. The whole quote is:

“As a species, we should never underestimate our low tolerance for discomfort. To be encouraged to stay with our vulnerability is news that we can use. Sitting meditation is our support for learning how to do this. Sitting meditation, also known as mindfulness-awareness practice, is the foundation of bodhichitta training. It is the natural seat, the home ground of the warrior-bodhisattva.”

I had a very interesting experience related to  staying with my own emotional distress.  I generally have a panic attack during my acupuncture treatments and I have been using a variety of yoga and meditation techniques to help me manage and move out of the panic attack. Yesterday I went in to my appointment with the intention to stay with my emotional distress rather than trying to get out of it. It was the first time in ages that I didn’t have a full blown panic attack. Hmmm. I may have to try this again. I was very pleasantly surprised, but I’m not quite sure about cause and effect just yet. However, I did want to share that experience.