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Left handed beads of Courage.

This month the Diva has been having guest challengers because her son has had some major surgery. I drew him some beads of courage for all his bravery.

Our guest blogger this week was Elisa Murphy, CZT 15. Here is my quote of her challenge for us:

“Here’s my idea.  Let’s show some Zentangle solidarity and support for Laura and other fellow “Zentanglers” fighting the feelings that come with being forced to sit with that unsteadiness and powerlessness.  My clinical term for this is, “Embracing the Yuck” (I’m so fancy).
With all of this in mind, your challenge is to tangle with your non-dominant hand (including shading and blending).”
Elisa blogs at: Elisa’s Now and Zen


I really was challenged by this tile. I started with the larger circles around the edge with the idea of Beads of Courage. I discovered that drawing circles with my left hand is a very interesting experience so I drew more and more circles. Many of them I did not draw very well, but it was quite a challenge and kept my attention. I pretty quickly realized that I would not finish the tile this week if I kept doing circles so I added the X in the middle and thought that it would be interesting and perhaps easier to do Hollibaugh in the lower center. Wow. Another learning experience. I really had to get into the Zen of drawing each line. Filling in the background also turned out to be a surprisingly difficult task. I would have random jerky lines that would go places I did not want them. Each individual tangle pattern presented new curiosities and perspectives. There was some Yuck in my life this week so this was a fabulous parallel. I have been working on my gratitude journal, but I’m a little behind and I hope to post tomorrow. I love to find the Beads of Courage and the wonderful new perspectives that can come out of yuck. I hope you find gems in whatever life hands you today, too.