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Here is my next batch of Mandalas in my art journal. liberating prayer 4 limitless qualities karma mandala

I’m not doing a mandala a day, so I’m not quite sure how this is going to work out as my regular gratitude journal. So far the mandalas that I have made are really nice representations of what I am grateful for. The Meditation Retreat was very interesting. I totally fell in love with the Liberating Prayer, a portion of which is included in the “Water the seeds of loving speech” mandala that incorporates Tibetan Buddhist Art symbols. I learned a lot about Karma and Buddhist art. The Liberating Prayer really tied in nicely with the 100 mandalas theme of resting in darkness. I’m also still really grooving with the Spirograph! These images, and many other art journal pages, are also available for viewing on Journal 52.

My gratitude question for you this week is how do you water the seed of loving speech in your thoughts? Who helps you in this journey?

One of the things I discovered at the retreat is that when I take care of my loved ones with an attitude of stinginess or like I’m not getting the recognition I’m due, I am watering the seeds of unhappiness in my own mind. While I was cooking for my friends at the retreat it was such a pleasure. Finding that pleasure in my ability to do mundane tasks for those I love is one of the biggest ways I can water the seeds of loving speech in my life. There have been many times (and they continue to pop up) when I am not able to eat, much less cook or wash up after a meal because of my migraines. I have lots of quick and easy foods I know how to make and I have all the ingredients to make a wide variety of healthy (and some not 😉 ) foods. I have people in my life who I love and I get to share meals with them regularly. I am so frequently amazed at the number of people who have worked so hard to provide me with organic (when possible) fruits and vegetables, grains, etc. When I start looking at making dinner in this light, I can find a feeling of delight. My husband and the wonderful Buddhist nun that I have had the good fortune to meet greatly help me on this gratitude journey.