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The book I am altering as my gratitude journal is Roots of Art by Lyonel Feininger. It is a gorgeous book of photographs. And it is bigger than my scanner. While I have a new and larger scanner/color printer on my wish list, I will have to make do in the interim. That has led to some Wabi-sabi practice on my part. Wabi-sabi is the Japanese term used to describe my life. In this case in means that some of my images are a little wonky. I wanted to provide an overview of the 2 page spread that covers the last week. It came together nicely on the page. The photograph is a little sideways.

mandalas 8 through 12

I have started numbering my mandalas so that I will know when I get to 100. I am seeing them in everything these days and really having fun with this project. I am so pleased with how the Red Shoe Mandala turned out. The red shoe is a metaphor for one of my good friends. She took me to a day of doctor’s appointments and we has such a lovely lunch and shopping excursion. I am so happy the mandala reflects the playfulness of our day.  I’m including some individual page scans for a more detailed view of the individual mandalas.

red shoe mandala

My younger son turned 18 this week.

“The trouble is you think you have time.” Buddha

That quote was on the

website and seemed so appropriate for an 18th birthday, both for my son and for myself. He thinks he has all the time in the world and I can see how fleeting it is.

We got him a pygmy hamster (one of the cutest animals ever!) and a hamster on a hamster wheel is so clearly a mandala in the making. It also ties in with this quote so, so well. It made me think of the Buddhist idea of this precious human life. How are you using the moments of your life today?hamster wheel

The center of this mandala was pretty Wabi-sabi, too. Apparently gel pens and acrylic paints combine in strange and unpredictable ways. I had to paint over the mess a few times and it still was odd. I added the stencils and journaling at the end of the week upon reviewing the Journal 52 prompt. I wanted to tie the whole page spread together. The Journal 52 prompt was Conversation Starters. My intention for this year is to work on kindness in communication so I thought this would be a good opportunity to give you an update. I still have a lot of room for improvement. One of the really challenging ways I speak unkindly is when I’m trying to be funny. In my aquacize class yesterday I was discussing this with a friend of mine. We were having a blast laughing and poking fun and then I had to go and toss out this loving kindness in speech idea. We really had a great conversation. I have had conversations with others about this too. So many comedians are mean in their humor and I have used some majorly dark humor to help me through difficult times in my life.

My question for you for this week is what funny things are you grateful for this week? Are you able to keep kindness in your humor? How do you do it? Seriously, I’m looking for tips if you have any! IN any case, I hope you have a beautiful day.