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mandalas 1 26 15 Well, here is my 2 page spread upside down for some reason I cannot fathom. Here are the individual mandalas right side up.

I saw a birthday card that had a cut paper flower that I loved and it inspired  this mandala I made of our time and the Kalahari Indoor Water park in Wisconsin Dells. We went there for my younger son’s birthday celebration and met up with friends and relatives. The decor of the hotel and water park has an African theme, but what I really loved was the light fixtures. I made a stencil from a photo of them that is featured in the center of this colorful mandala.  I spent most of my time in the hotel room drawing and talking and kicking back with some great people.15 kalahari adventure 13 ukulele

This mandala I’m calling my ukulele mandala. It wasn’t anything conscious, but I’m learning how to play the ukulele and I mentioned that I’m grateful for that in the tiny print on this mandala and then I noticed that the outside part kind of looks like a string instrument. Well, anyway I have plenty of imagination and it made me think of my ukulele. 😉

The hummingbird mandala represents some nice time I spent over the weekend with my mother. I got this hummingbird stamp to use as a metaphor for her in my gratitude journal and it works in a mandala as well! In the center are hearts cut from money used in the game of LIFE! My husband and I like to play games together and we tried a new version of Monopoly over the weekend. I have a few games that I bought at a second hand store for collage so I’m not tempted to use game pieces that we will still need!

14 hummingbirds and life money

How do you play? What do you like to do for fun? Do you like big adventures like the water slides at a theme park or do you prefer a board game with someone you love? Do you like to play with art supplies? That may be what I am most grateful for! I enjoy time with family and friends, but I can get so lost in cutting and arranging paper, drawing a mandala, or painting in a stamped image. I am so fortunate that I don’t have to choose, but I get to enjoy so many different fun activities. I hope you have a beautiful and fun-filled week!

I am now on Pinterest for the 100 Mandalas Challenge.


I didn’t share this week’s journal entry in the current week’s blog post for Journal 52 because this week’s theme there was silhouettes. I submitted last week’s post as that contained a variety of silhouettes.