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I have fallen behind in my Journal 52 posts what with life and travels and all. The funny thing was that for the week 6 challenge: Windows, I had a couple of things in the works that really synchronized well with this concept. I found this stained glass tutorial a while ago and had some photos of the stained glass windows from the Gleensheen Mansion in Duluth from our trip there at Christmas, but that took a back seat to what unfolded in the course of that week for me.

I have become friends with the new Executive Director for our local Arts Center. She and I had planned to go to the Museum of Wisconsin Art in West Bend after picking out some art to upcycle for a contest we are planning to enter. Another artist who is new to the area joined us for the day and we had so much fun! I discovered the art of Carl von Marr in the collection. This dude understood light! His paintings are like a mashup of Rembrandt and Monet. I bought postcards of 2 of his paintings, The Flagellants (1889) and another one that I can’t find the name to and you can see what I did to the post card so I can’t read what it was called. The windows on the museum are really lovely and I also purchased a post card of the building.

and then… march second 2015 002 I used my die cut machine to cut the post cards into shapes for a Light Mandala and a Window page. The window page ended up a little bit busy, but I like the textures of the original photo too much to cover all the way up. I really enjoy constructing mandalas out of layers of meaning and materials.

The little mandala in the upper left corner is made using layers of organza ribbon and cloth machine-sewed into a more substantial fabric and then cut into a mandala and hand sewn to the page. I have been playing around with organza and its not quite where I envision it yet, but I wanted to document the progress. I hope you enjoy this bit of butterflies and cats flitting about in the sunshine and sitting in a window.

Here is a closeup of the mandalas

butterflies and light

The deep dark winter days can help me appreciate the warmth that is only hinted at by our boreal sun. It holds the promise of butterflies and transformation. In the meantime, I’ll curl up with a good book and a cat or two or go see some fabulous art with new friends. What has the light illuminated for you this week?