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constructed collage 008 So here is a mandala created from a amalgamation of a whole bunch of ephemera from my trip to Hawaii.  The facing page is a copy of the mandala I created as part of my wedding gift to my friends who got married superimposed over a photo of a banyan tree that I journaled on and a photograph from the sunset my first night in Hawaii.

Here is a closeup of the wedding mandala

anne and john mandala

The theme for week 8 of the Journal 52 Challenge is Aromatherapy. Hawaii is all kinds of therapy. The fresh sea air disguises the fact that you are in a large city. There are flowers and green growing things everywhere. Coming from a place of -10′ to this island paradise is such a relief to the entire body, not just the nose. Seeing great old friends and making wonderful new friends is balm for the soul. Taking hundreds of lovely photographs and collecting lots of fun ephemera is fuel for the creative generators! constructed collage 009 One day I sat at a picnic table on the beach and painted a palm tree while enjoying the sights and sounds of the park around me. Later I journaled on the page. The facing page is composed of some of the flower photos I took and photos of the lovely bride I went to see. She really rocked that dress. The blue hexagons are from a journal page that I painted and then cut out different sized hexagons to carry the same color scheme from the facing page. Here is a closeup of the bride mandala

constructed wedding collage

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to go to Hawaii. I’m grateful to my friends, Anne and John for inviting me to their wedding there and providing me the impetus to go. I’m grateful to my husband who delivered me to the airport (more or less) and made it possible for me to escape grown up life for a few days. And I’m grateful to the hundreds of people who work in the airports, hotels, shops and restaurants, ect. that provided me with everything I needed. I am so blessed. What sources of therapy do you have in your life? My cats, art, friends, family, books, and therapist provide me with all kinds of therapy when I’m not running off to distant islands. What about you?