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Well, I’m all caught up with the Journal 52 Challenge. The prompt for this week was coloring book inspiration! Did she just see my Vision Map? I’m working on a coloring book and here are the “audition” mandalas for a sun mandala in black and white and in color.

sun mandala and hampster 011

sun mandala and hampster 002

I like to make photocopies of mandalas in progress and try out different patterns to see how I like them. Coloring them in really helped me figure out which patterns I prefer. Here is a close up of the more detailed mandala.

sun mandala practice

The title for this post comes from Pema Chodrun’s book The Places That Scare You. It is such a fabulous book. On Tuesdays I meet with a Buddhist Nun and a group of lovely people to talk about what we are studing. This week our teacher talked about laziness as an obstacle to enthusiasm. To quote the book, ” This process of experiencing laziness directly and nonverbally is transformative. It unlocks a tremendous energy that is usually blocked by our habit of running away.” I am looking to truly rest when I need it, not engage in mindless distractions. That is allowing me to have much more energy for art!