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circle journaling 001

The Journal 52 prompt for this week is to just write. Of course I wrote in circles. The little mandala has fermatas and notes and I made it during a break in the day of the Solo and Ensemble Competition. S&E is a lovely opportunity for our young people to sing and play instruments alone or in small groups and get feedback from judges. We got to hear so many of the young people we have watched grow up and talked with students and parents about plans for the future. It is a lovely, loud, day. M sang a beautiful tenor solo that will advance to competition at the state level and he was also part of a double string quartet on cello that will advance. They were scheduled to perform at the very end of the competition and I was too worn out to stay. Also, Mike and I didn’t stay until then because some friends were having a Pi day party and we wanted to go. We stayed at the party for a while and then we went home so I could rest for a bit. Then we went back after M got home from S&E. Good food, friends, conversation, but not a great job of pacing myself. Yesterday we went to see the touring production of the Book of Mormon. It was so good.

I really enjoyed the process of creating this page. I used different papers to create blocks of color on the pages. I let my inner washi tape animal free, as you can see. The dark circle is the photo from the book showing through a circle cut in that paper. The photo is of a catfish skull and I thought it was really beautiful. I wanted to incorporate some of it into my page. The paper on the far left is some collage paper I have sprayed with Glimmer inks over stencils, one commercial, one I made with my  die cut machine. This past week we got our first real taste of spring and I thought the bare, blue trees with the pink flowers captured that transition nicely.

Spring fills me with energy and enthusiasm. I got started on some spring cleaning and went for some long walks, but that and all the social activity led to increased migraine pain. I need to continue to work on pacing myself. So, my intention for this week is to enjoy spring, and art, and music, and family, and friends, but to prioritize activities and really rest when I need to. I will try not to waste my energy on useless activities like sudoku and rumination. Meditation, rest, and yoga can help me get done what I want to get done. I really need to keep in mind what it is I want to accomplish this week. Now I am off to make a “to do” list. What has inspired you this week? What has challenged you?