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collaged mandala 002

Sometimes the planets align in such a way that joy abounds. This week Kathryn at 100 Mandalas posted a lovely tutorial about creating a mandala on a collaged background and then the Journal 52 prompt for this week was Collage. Joy! I’m rather fond of collage, as you may have noticed. It is also one of the wonderful things about altered book journaling that is so fun. I love the way the tree on the right hand page extends the energy of the mandala to the edges of the page. I used a post it with my to do list, some spirographed papers, and papers that represent my gratitude for various people in my life for the background. Then I just dove right in with my Prismacolor markers. They kind of soak into the gesso, so I may try this with acrylic paint on top next time. It was really fun to do the mandala creation in color. I generally start with a black and white mandala, but it was easier to experiment with different design elements using the big colored markers right from the start. All in all I really enjoyed the journaling and mandala creation for this week.

Have you tried something new this week? How did you like the process? The result? Check out all the beautiful mandalas at

You can see different art journal pages on the Journal 52 blog and the link to their Flicker gallery. I hope you can find some inspiration today!