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outside in 002

The Journal 52 prompt for the past week has been Outside In. I have been working on a tree of life mandala stencil for a larger piece I’m doing and I played with that this week. Oddly enough the tree developed rather organically and I’m happy with the results. I was going to Zentangle the negative spaces, but I started to journal in them instead and I like how it turned out. The facing page is a labyrinth I drew covered by cutouts from my favorite labyrinth in Wisconsin. It is an Earth sculpture in a park about 45 miles from where I live. I hope to get there a few more times this summer because as the different flowers bloom the labyrinth changes. My husband also loves this place. I have included a few quotes and to do lists and intentions as well as things I’m grateful for on these pages. One of the ideas that has been threading its way through my week is that nothing can survive without food. What have I been feeding this week? I have a lot of anxiety and this has been a helpful question to see when I catch myself feeding the anxiety. I’m trying to turn to feeding more productive and nurturing emotions and attributes and have dusted off my home yoga practice as a result. What have you been feeding this week?