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I have completed the illustration for the next coloring club. It will be on Thursday, June 18th.

sun moon and stars

Also, I am participating in an art contest that consists of Refurbishing a piece of thrift store art provided by the gallery. There were a few pieces to choose from and here is my selection.

geese and refurb beginnings 008

I plan to decorate it with mandalas with a Tree of Life mandala as the centerpiece. There will be flower mandalas and perhaps a partial sun mandala as well. I kind of envision it as a dream that the girl is having. Here is the beginning of those works.

geese and refurb beginnings 009

I have also been getting something of a refurb myself. Last week I got new glasses that have prisms ground up in the lenses. They are helping with some of the vision problems I have been having. Overall my eyes are doing ok at this point and big concerns have been put to rest for the present. Yesterday I went my first Botox treatment for my migraines. It is too early to tell if that will be successful, but I am hoping for some pain free days ahead.

My younger son will graduate from high school on Sunday and we have family coming to stay from out of town. Only a few people come to the ceremony, so we will be having a large celebration in a few weeks that lots of people are planning to attend. As you can see, I have been rather busy and will be in the next few weeks as well. I will let you see how the refurbished art turns out – I think this is a really promising method of including recycling into my art. I continue to write in my gratitude journal, but it hasn’t been as artistic as usual lately. Until then, may you find peace and happiness in your days.