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I am getting ready to go to the Friendship Lodge for my annual yoga retreat and that reminded me that the 2 year anniversary of my blog is coming up! Interestingly, I just switched from the altered book journals that I have been making for more than 2 years to a watercolor journal.

Here are the beginnings of my watercolor gratitude journal:


I am so happy how the mandala and doodle page came out. It is inspired by 2 different articles in the newest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. And the page below didn’t turn out quite how I wanted, but that is why I’m doing this! learning and growing! Right? And the day was really wonderful. I have gotten away from my gratitude journaling practice and I missed it. This past weekend we had a graduation party for my younger son and it was so wonderful. And it was wonderful on Monday to eat leftovers and enjoy all the flowers from the party! We had hummingbirds come to our patio and I tried to capture that. My son also rescued the painted turtle that I posted photos of this week, as well. My new copy of Cloth, Paper, Scissors came in the mail and I discovered a new artist who inspired the above mandala. Her name is Lisa Kokin and I hope to get to one of her workshops someday! She is an altered book and mixed media artist.journal

I am off to Friendship Lodge again. Thank you for all your time, attention, and comments. This blog has grown into something I really love and I hope you find some joy and beauty here, too. Also, I hope you have a beautiful weekend!