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kindness 002

Kindness has been my daily intention most days lately, so when I saw that it was the prompt for Journal 52 it made my day. This last weekend was also the Fourth of July, known as Independence Day here in the USA. As I was creating the juxtaposition of the flag and the word, it made me wonder what our country would have been like if it had been founded on kindness rather than independence. The red stripes of my flag are quotes that are relevant to kindness, my week, and/or things I am grateful for of late. The stars represent states of mind  that I aspire to, rather than states of the union. My flag of kindness, I guess. If I was designing my own flag it would be different, but this is an interesting start. What would your flag look like?

The facing page is an illustrated pig that I’m working on as a gift for a friend and also as a coloring page. The way it is decorated is inspired by a paisley shirt that I have with some Zentangle patterns thrown in for fun. It led me to return to my altered book journal as my watercolor journal is too small to include much in the way of sketches of art that I’m working on. The background of this page represents a significant event that I was able to participate in with my mom.  I was able to perform a kindness for her and it has turned out well for us. It is so satisfying to be able to help someone.

That’s all from my corner for now. Have a beautiful day.