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I have been making progress in both my altered art journal and Jacob’s. Here is his title page. This page in his book inspired one in my own!


today I want to

Here are my journal pages from Monday. The page above and the two pages below are originally pages that have macro photos of butterfly wings and they make such a fabulous backdrop for whatever I am putting over the top. It is one of the great features of altered art books to incorporate what is already there. I had done some of the paint layers on the pages below on previous days. I have increased my use of leftover paint on stencils and brushes to make marks on future pages so as not to waste the paint. It has led to some interesting backgrounds (like the paper flowers background – that had been created over the course of a few days, but just a few minutes each time.) I am including a scanned copy of my journaling page because this has become my favorite form of “handwriting” in my art journal. It allows me to express private thoughts in a way that I can then publicize the product. I also really like how it looks. I exaggerate any loops and go back into them with short and wide lower letters. On the facing page I did some more traditional journaling with acrylic paint.

blue and orange 001


And this page includes one of the many quotes I love by Rumi:

Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.

Jacobs book layers of tissue

The images and words on the page are not completely obscured by the layers of different papers I layered over the  top of it. I used matte medium to make an interesting surface to write on. I also included a single layer from a paint filled napkin in the collage. I really love this technique. There can be so many layers of colors, images, and meaning.

Have a beautiful day.