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Coloring club has become so popular and the participants enjoy it so much we have decided to meet twice a month. I am also assembling coloring club packets for sale in our gift shop. Last night we had a lot of fun coloring the August illustration that was also a featured mandala in the 100 mandalas coloring book.

coloring club August 6 2015.docx

painted celtic knot mandala

My vision challenges continue so I am going to have to back off a little on art in the next week or so and attend to other things. But a brief gratitude list before I go: 1. I am more grateful for my husband than words can possibly express. 2. I got 20 pounds of peaches yesterday (that require immediate attention!) and I LOVE peaches. 3. Music fills my days and lifts up my spirit. 4. I have the best cats ever. 5. My son is so very talented and I am so grateful that at the end of this month we are going to be able to take him to the college he dreamed of attending. Wow. That sure is a lot. What about you?