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Lots of finished pages for the journal. I have already given it to the wonderful young man and he was so happy. It is so wonderful when a handcrafted gift is appreciated. This process has really rejuvenated my personal journaling practice, too.

Jacobs journal any path

Jacobs journal life is simpleJacobs journal happy

Jacobs journal touchJacobs journal hands

The book that I altered was about the senses and I had fun playing with the different headings. This orange page has a lot of interesting textures on it and I put some of the paint on the drawings of the hands on the facing page to go along with the idea of touching the paint. This layout for the “Smell” page is one of my favorites. It is created with a stencil, a sponge, and some black gesso then a white pen for journaling lines.

Jacobs journal smell

Jacobs journal color blocks of opportunityThis page is another one of my favorites. I wrote some favorite quotes on the pages and I hope they are legible as I’m not really up to typing them each in today.

I’m having some technical difficulties. So I think I’m going to wrap this post up and post the rest of the pages another day.