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walden thoreauMy husband and I walked to Walden Pond when we were in the Boston area last week and I am very happy with a few of the photos I took. We have been remodeling our bathroom and I painted it green. I intend to enlarge some of my MANY tree photos and I put this poster together to print up. It will go on a wall where I can see it when I relax in the bathtub. It is one of my favorite quotes and I have had a variety of iterations of it on the walls of my home. It seems so fitting to have it on a photo from Walden. It really helps me on the days, like today, when I am really limited by pain, heat, and vision problems with what I can do. I am still moving in the direction of my dreams and I have such an excellent partner on this path. Yes, a poster of this will be a very good reminder. I hope you have a beautiful day.