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gratitude with flowers 001

I have been writing and arting in my gratitude journal, I have not been very good about posting about it however. Posting does make me a more faithful journalist, too. These pages started as a pallet for my collage and a place to clean off stencils used in the collage. I have a lot of scraps of watercolor paper left over from the cut pages I use to make coloring pages. I am starting to practice with new art supplies in little sketches that I will then write over. It takes the pressure off of making something finished looking when exploring new supplies and is providing me with lots of interesting backgrounds for journaling. Stay tuned for more!

The Journal 52 prompt for this week is Hiding Out and I feel like that is kind of what my journal pages have been doing. Actually, my interpretation of this prompt is about hiding the private thoughts and experiences in my published journal pages. Writing over images and some of my scribble/stream of consciousness handwriting provide me with ways to write about whatever I want without thinking about the publication part of it.


Here is a page full of quotes from the book I made for Jacob and with the city stencil from my most recent collage. Do you like it when I write out the quotes?

I have so much to be grateful for. How about you?

Have a beautiful day!