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interesting oil painting over collageYesterday I had a lovely day with my husband, mother, and niece at the Milwaukee Art Museum. The main galleries are closed for renovation, but the reason I wanted to go was to see the Van Gogh to Pollock Exhibit. It was fabulous! There was a painting by Camille Pissarro that I wasn’t expecting and it was a lovely surprise. I love Van Gogh, of course and it was not a work of his that I am familiar with. There was a wonderful self-portrait by Frieda Kahlo and an unusual selection by O’Keeffe. The painting that I have posted above really caught my eye because of the use of collage in the layers of paint. It is labeled as “Oil on canvas” but that does not do it justice. I cannot remember who painted it. There were so many wonderful things to see. I met this lovely new artist.


There was a wonderful painting by Mark Rothko and so many more. What a great way to spend a day. I am grateful for so much beauty and inspiration in the world and that this exhibit came to my corner of the world, And that I got to share it with family.

Have a beautiful day.