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process 008

Can you see my “pallet” for my compass rose mandala? I play with combinations of marker colors and which gel pens go well over the top. I really didn’t do much to these book pages except some journaling and attaching the various papers. The ticket is from my visit to the Milwaukee Art Museum. The watercolor landscape is from playing with the Dr. Ph. Martin’s Watercolors that my husband got me for my birthday. I have lots of scraps of watercolor paper from cutting it to make my coloring page sets (I plan to have these for sale in my Etsy store by the end of October.) and I use them to create “journaling boxes” by playing with different watercolor combinations and effects. I have been looking for a watercolor class, but I have not found one in my area. If you know of an online one you recommend I would love for you to share that information!

Here is the cover page for the Coloring Page Sets. There are 5 designs in this Mandalas set and you get 3 copies of each design. Two of the copies are on plain paper and one is on 140 lb cold press watercolor paper. I started making these because I love to color, but I really love to use watercolor pencils and the paper for most coloring books was not making me happy. I kind of think of my mission statement as contributing toward peace and beauty in the world and I think these are moving in the right direction. I hope you have a beautiful day.

mandalas coloring pages set cover page